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[…] Christy Mack‘s wacky friends show up at her house to prepare for the party they’re throwing, but they needed a ride so they had good ol’ Bill give them a lift.

Thing is, they want Christy to fuck Bill, so they split early, saying they need to finalize some things for the party. Guess who’s lighting off fireworks with Naughty America this year? This year the sexy trio is hanging with their friend Alison at her parents’ house, and they’ve got the place to themselves!

She’s more than happy to watch him sweat outdoors, but she wants to catch up with him first, since it’s been a long time […] Johnny goes over to his dad’s house because his pops told him had something important to talk to him about.

But when he arrives, he only finds his dad’s younger woman, Lexi Belle.

And when she mistakenly thinks she catches him masturbating on the couch, when he was only trying a new piece of exercise equipment she has, she grabs him like she […] Bill is going around the neighborhoods trying to collect donations for an inner city youth charity program that will help him get into college.

But when he knocks on Brandi Love‘s door, he gets more than he bargained for.

He tries to tell her that what they’re doing isn’t […] Dana De Armond is fucking her boss, and she shows her appreciation for him — and hope for a raise — by emailing him a picture at her desk with her natural tits popping out of her blouse.

But she doesn’t like the idea of all those groupie chicks pining for him and trying to grope him at the show, […] Alexis Ford is visiting her girlfriend who is flying in from school for a cookout with her friends and family.

She’s more than happy to make a large, sizable donation, but only in return for a […] Sativa Rose and her man are supposed to go out to dinner soon, but he cancels on her last-minute because he has to go to work.

But he tells her a driver is picking her up to take her to the restaurant, and that he’ll eventually meet her there.

He shows her the ring, and she accidentally knocks it on the ground.

She searches for it with her big fat ass […] Alison Tyler is tired of her neighbor’s excuses.

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