Ang pagdating

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Sekyu Base is another version of Agawan Base but no score limits.

If a team scores five (5) points, the game still continues.

In many urban and rural areas, a great majority of Filipino children still play outdoor street games as most of them are still unable to own expensive technology.

Games such as Patintero, Tumbang Preso, Piko, Sipa, Turumpo, and many others, are still played daily in the neighborhood.

If nobody catches the stick, any player can pick it up.

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A player acts as a batter and stands opposite the others players at a distance.The holder of the shorter stick will throw it with the attempt to hit the longer stick on the ground.If the longer stick is hit, the hitter becomes the next batter.are games commonly played by children, usually using native materials or instruments.In the Philippines, due to limited resources of toys of Filipino children, they usually come up on inventing games without the need of anything but the players themselves.

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