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The Blue Whale challenge has already claimed the lives of several children in Mumbai, Pondicherry, and other Indian cities.Recently a video of a 9-year-old girl crying after being forced to play the Blue Whale Game went viral online and showed the dangerous and terrifying face of the online game.The 50-day internet challenge has already pushed several teenagers and young children into committing suicide, and the government of India has also issued an advisory on how parents can identify the game and protect their children from the game.

The players are invited into joining the groups by the curators and then forced into completing the challenge.

There are a set of rules and challenges that are followed by the kids who play the blue whale challenge.

People have been sharing these rules and regulations of the internet game online to spread awareness about the bizarre tasks and help elders to identify the symptoms of playing the game.

Since one of the rules of Blue Whale game is to cut yourself every day, identifying such small cuts on the person’s body can also help to identify if they are playing the blue whale game and seeking proper counselling and medical help for the kids.

Another important rule of Blue whale that has helped people to identify it is that the player wakes up at 4.20 am (or any other time specified by the creator) and watcher horror videos and movies.

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