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He and Foster became members of the Resident Student Association, and when Christie planned his own run for class president in spring 1983, he asked her to run for secretary on his ticket. Christie, AS ’86, and others aiding the campaign, they won.By the winter of 1984 Chris and Mary Pat started dating, and in December he asked her to marry him.With a plainspoken bluntness he sometimes used for humorous effect, he upended incumbent Democratic Gov. In late January Christie, in shirtsleeves, leaned back in his chair in the stripped-bare governor’s outer office in the state capitol in Trenton. “We’re working to bring in some stuff this week to make it look like my office and not like one where I happen to be,” he said with a laugh. He mailed in his first ballot—for President Ronald Reagan—from extended housing in the Harrington E residence hall. James Magee says Christie “took a genuine and very deep interest in” his class on civil rights and liberties.“He did not agree with many of my interpretations or with those of several others in the class,” Magee wrote in an email, “but his responses were sophisticated and respectful of views that differed from his own (quite unlike much of the nonsense that passes for political discourse today).” Christie got involved in student government, helping his friend Rick Mroz win the class presidency in 1981.Even though he was criticized for not being specific enough about his plans, he won over state voters by promising to not raise taxes.Ultimately he surpassed Corzine by more than 86,000 votes, a remarkably high figure in a state as liberal as New Jersey, where Democrats had controlled both houses of the legislature and the governor’s seat since 2005.He also began working for Republican candidates and in 1994 won a seat himself in Morris County government. Focusing on official misconduct, the office netted more than 130 guilty pleas and verdicts from corrupt officials—small-town crooks and prominent politicians—throughout the state without losing a case.

“There are a lot of great memories that involved my entire family there,” Christie says of UD.

Foster, who continued the remarkable string of class presidencies by winning the following spring, married Christie in March 1986.

After graduation, Christie returned to New Jersey for a law degree at Seton Hall University and then a job at a law firm. Christie overcame initial skepticism during the next seven years, as his office cut a path through corruption in New Jersey.

'” By the time they did seek professional help it was too late.

She and Norman had already started what she insists was a platonic affair.

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