Dating noritake china marks Sexchat for java

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I have a few pieces of this same china with the same marking and the marking looked so different than any of the others I decided to do a search for "Fake Noritake Symbol" and I found this info: Sorry to Dis-Appoint you, but, this is definitely a FAKE...

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The marking on the bottom has an M in somewhat of a wreath with just Japan written underneath (all in a light green).Reproductions of all kinds of items are found from coast to coast, and it's now "buyer beware.Rachelle If it is indeed an old piece from your grandmother, that label is legit. The article the other person talked about where on newer items that have flooded the market.M in Wreath with "Japan" underneath-Noritake Query:- Recently my 92 year old grandmother died and I received a candy dish and bowl from her collection.I researched the marking and it seemed more closely related to the Noritake markings with the M in the wreath but I can't seem to find the exact markings which are on my set.

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