Dating policy at work

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There is an inherent conflict between coherent office management and sexual relations.Sex is generally considered a private topic, and romance has its own potential for drama, Scher says.Do a Reality Check “It’s not that two people who meet in an office and fall in love should be prohibited from having a relationship.Rather, the company should have clear policies for how to handle romantic relationships in the workplace and a pathway for communication and resolution of resulting issues and concerns,” Scher says.

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Each company will want to think about what would best fit their culture and business climate,” notes Amy Salvaggio, associate professor of psychology at the University of New Haven.

Worse still, when a supervisor is in a relationship with a subordinate, the line between romance and sexual harassment becomes increasingly thin.

In such an event, says Scher, the company is open to lawsuits, bad press, and unpleasant turbulence that can seriously disrupt operations.

So, what do you do if Cupid strikes two of your employees? There are consequences for the company, particularly if the relationship is between a manager and a subordinate.

“By turning a blind eye, the owner not only could be unaware of potential sexual harassment and a resulting lawsuit, but could be accused of willful ignorance, thus exacerbating the harm to the subordinate and the resulting injury award,” warns David Scher, principal attorney for the Employment Law Group.

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