Dating singer oil cans

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Of course I'm always on the look out for a Dressmaker with needle position selector, these are fantastic a can that holds oil (usually motor oil) for lubricating machines.There wasn't a speck of lint or thread fragment anywhere in the machine.It also did not have the build up of varnish that comes with years of oiling. First off a lock stitch is a lock stitch and it would be impossible for someone to determine what specific machine it was stitched on by looking at just the stitches after the fact.Text is available under the CC BY-SA 4.0 license; additional terms may apply.

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The numbers starting with 2 and 3seem to be for the earlier machines.

ATTACHMENT BOX 121901 or 160481 or 160809 Foot Hemmer 120855 or 35857 Adjustable Hemmer 35931 Multi Slotted Binder 160359 or 91245 Early Model Multi Slotted 121464 or 36594 Binder w/o guide pins Edge-Stitcher 36865 Gatherer 121441 Presser Foot 32773 or 45321 Ruffler 120598 or 86742 Adjustable Zipper Foot 160854 or 161127 Zipper Foot 161127 (not shown in the manual) Foot on early machines 125035 similar to zipper foot Seam Gauge 25527 or 161172 (not shown in the manual) Screw No number Lg. plastic handled screwdriver 161294 (beige or brown) Sm. plastic handled screwdriver 161295 (beige or brown) Singer Motor Lubricant 1/2 oz.

No number 2 extra felt circles for 8879 spool pin (red or black) Two green pkgs.

An oil can can also be used to fill oil-based lanterns.

An occupation, referred to as an oiler, can use an oil can (among other tools) to lubricate machinery.

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