Debt consolidation dating debt

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“Overworked MBA grad with tons of debt” may not sound enticing to future suitors, but “ambitious young professional with tons of potential” will.We were also curious about how much thought goes into someone’s future earning potential for daters—only 11.3% said they keep their eyes out for graduate degrees on dating profiles.What was more interesting, though, was the confidence Millennials had when it came to their ability to bring home the bacon in a relationship: 24.5% said they don’t consider earning potential when deciding who to date, because they’re earning enough to support both members of the couple.(We’ll tip our hats to that.) Breaking the News We all bring baggage into new relationships, and talking about that baggage (debt included) can be anxiety-inducing.

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You’ve finally saved their number in your contacts under their real name (as opposed to “John/Jane Bumble”), and you’re feeling good about moving out of the “hanging out” stage toward something more serious. We all have certain qualities we look for in a potential match, and certain things we’d rather avoid, but where does debt fall into that mix?Consolidation is not debt elimination, rather it’s a way of simplifying your payments and potentially lowering the cost of interest you’re paying over time.Debt consolidation could be a part of your larger plan to repay your loans.More than 39% of Millennials would rather disclose a pre-existing STD to a new partner than confess their outstanding debt.Assuming you’re part of the 60.7% who would rather talk debt than STDs, you might be wondering: when’s the right time to bring it up?

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