Dusty springfield dating who has rachelle leah dating

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Now living in Los Angeles, Pope is preparing to start work on a novel and a new album.

I'm about to ask you the stupidest question you're going to get on this tour. How does your fear of celery manifest itself in your life?

I know that the Dusty fans are happy with my chapter [on Dusty Springfield].

Your book is filled not only with your life, but also so many of the amazing people that touched it. And since I stopped writing the book, there's been even more.

According to Anti Diva, much of the time the two women spent together -- including a period in the early 1980s when they lived together in Toronto ("There's a joke," writes Pope, "what do lesbians do on their second date?

Bring a U-Haul.") -- was marked by Springfield's substance abuse.

I mean, I guess I should take a writing course, but I think I kind of learned to write in the middle of the book and towards the end I was happier with it. Like, having read the book, I feel I know you in a way I can't possibly know you because of the stuff you've told me, and yet you haven't. Despite the ugliness that is engendered by the pain that resulted from Springfield's self-abuse, the chapter devoted to Pope's relationship with Springfield is a little sonnet to the late singer. Springfield emerges beautiful and flawed, deeply talented and utterly human. It's kind of like cruddy white trash food isn't it, as far as I'm concerned. When she excuses herself to go to the "catbox," she moves with an exquisite feline grace. At this moment contained, but liable to burst forth with very little provocation. Of course, the use of "wide" in conjunction with "eyes" brings forth an analogy to innocence, something that has never been part of Carole Pope's shtick. [Laughs] Are you being ironic, or are you really thinking about writing fiction? And you said in the introduction that you thought it would be like writing a song and then it wasn't. The same wide and piercing blue eyes that smoldered out from album covers in the 1970s and 80s when, as half of the early punk duo Rough Trade, Carole Pope was breaking taboos and laying a path where no band had gone before. I'm going to write fiction for the second book, because then I can write really lurid sex scenes. Because I was going to say that I like your style in Anti Diva very much.

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