Kangana ranaut dating english

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”Kangana had two roaring affairs with actors Aditya Pancholi and Adhyayan Suman.

I want my space for sure, and long distance works big time!

At a press conference, when asked about her former boyfriend, Kangana said that there was a time when Aditya and she knew each other well, but she also admitted to not talking to him any longer.

“It’s very intimate, very awkward to perform an intimate scene.

It’s never a kiss, it’s literally an imitation of intimacy because how can you literally get intimate in front of 50 people.

He lives in a lab for days and days…Worse than me.”Kangana said, ‘It's refreshing to speak to him because he talks about significant things like genetics of cancer'. I find it much better because I have been in relationships with men who can completely suffocate you...

“It's a long-distance relationship, but then it's not something which is going to lead to marriage so soon, you know.

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