Matthew bomer dating simon halls

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For the first time since Matt Bomer came out publicly, the actor and his longtime partner Simon Halls made a rare red carpet appearance at the American Fertility Association's Illuminations event in L. star Bomer, 34, and Slate PR co-founder Halls, 48, are the proud parents of sons Kit, Walker and Henry, all of whom were born via surrogate.

Ryan Murphy presented Halls with an award for being a champion for family building in all communities.

However, when asked whether Matt’s partner Simon Halls was okay with him exposing some skin in the movie, he replied: “Simon was totally cool with it.

He’s totally supportive of me as an artist.” Simon even said to Matt: “Go do your thing, and let me know how it goes when you get back home.” Here are some pictures of Matt Bomer’s family on August 2, 2012 in New York City.

For years, Bomer dodged questions about his sexuality.

Matt Bomer and his partner Simon Halls took a break from showing their killer beach bods to dance the night away at club PRIVE in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico on Sunday night! [ There's just so much sexy on one beach that we barely know where to begin!! GLSEN held their Respect Awards in El Lay Friday night. He reveals that while it's important that we stop differentiating people by their skin color or sexuality, he's still so grateful to be helping those who may be struggling to accept themselves with his story!

The actor, who only just came out of the closet while acknowledging his partner, Simon Halls, and their children during an acceptance speech earlier this year, has opened up about his decision to announce his sexual preference to the masses.

Coupley pals Kelly Ripa and husband Mark Consuelos even joined in on the club affection sesh, stealing dance floor kisses while celebrating Mr. But the lovely couple weren't alone for their fun times on the beach! Up to present that handsome duo with their award was Matt's college friend and "You are the example that the rest of our country needs to wake up and see in terms of equality and putting and end to the bullying epidemic and making sure that every family is respected in our schools and our society." Inncredible! Matt and Simon accepted the award graciously, with Matt stating: Tags: 2012, alcide, bullying, gay, glsen, inspiration award, joe manganiello, lgbt, magic mike, matt bomer, respect awards, simon halls actor and his man were spotted hauling the kids around NYC this morning, often literally as they carried the young twins. Ch-ch-check out the pics (below) for all the handsome you can handle! Bomer and his partner Simon Halls have three sons — seven-year-old Kit and four-year-old twins Walker and Henry!!

The two snuggled up and drank a Cristal tequila combo to celebrate Simon's 50th birthday! Kelly Ripa took a much needed vacation with her hubby Mark Consuelos in Cabo, and she decided to prove her MILF status by rocking a bikini down by the sand! And the Inspiration Award winners of the night were Matt Bomer and partner Simon Halls!! He explains: Tags: children, come out, equal rights, gay, inspiration, matt bomer, partner, private life, simon halls , actor Matt Bomer hasn’t forgotten his daddy duties!

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