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In ancient Europe, male-to-female priestesses served Hecate, Diana and Artemis.

In early childhood, gender can be a bit more fluid and people can identify various ways, but once puberty hits we know it’s very much a stable entity.” At the Royal Children’s Hospital, children who identify as transgender and pass a rigorous assessment – which involves parental approval, two independent psychiatric opinions, and appraisal by a paediatrician – are offered puberty blockers, a way to pause sexual development.Frankly, binary gender has never looked so two-dimensional. We’d need a book to go into it properly (Susan Stryker’s , a process of ‘becoming female’.Many Native American tribes had third-gender roles, like ‘berdaches’, biological males who adopted traditional feminine roles, and ‘passing women’, assigned females who acted in masculine roles (these folk, incidentally, would’ve chosen ‘two-spirit person’ for their Facebook profile).The study revealed 54.2 per cent of its participants had been diagnosed with clinical depression within the previous twelve months, and 62 per cent had been diagnosed with clinical anxiety over the same period.“We very much agree with puberty blockers for young kids, as long as they’ve been adequately assessed, because it can reduce some of the need for gender reassignment surgery procedures later,” he says.

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