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Among new HIV infections in 2006, approximately 53% were men who have sex with men (MSM), 31% were infected through heterosexual contact, 12% were injection-drug users (IDU), and 4% were both MSM and IDU (2).

The number of persons living with HIV infection, particularly among groups at increased risk for infection, will likely continue to increase without a substantially improved and coordinated response to HIV in the United States (3).

NHBS data can be used to monitor progress toward the goals of the national strategy and to guide national and local planning efforts to maximize the impact of HIV prevention programs.

Although many MSM had been tested for HIV infection, many had not received hepatitis vaccinations or syphilis testing, and only a small proportion had recently participated in a behavioral intervention.In addition to having at least one male sex partner, 14% of participants had at least one female sex partner during the past 12 months.Unprotected anal intercourse with a male partner was reported by 54% of the participants; 37% reported having unprotected anal sex with a main male partner (someone with whom the participant had sex and to whom he felt most committed, such as a boyfriend, spouse, significant other, or life partner), and 25% reported having unprotected anal sex with a casual male partner (someone with whom the participant had sex but with whom he did not feel committed, did not know very well, or had sex with in exchange for something such as money or drugs).Two percent of the participants reported injecting drugs for nonmedical purposes in the past 12 months.Of the participants surveyed, 90% had been tested for HIV during their lifetime, 62% had been tested during the past 12 months, 51% had received a hepatitis vaccination, 35% had been tested for syphilis during the past 12 months, and 18% had participated in an individual- or group-level HIV behavioral intervention.

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