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These rules are referred to as what is "Rromano." Rromano means to behave with dignity and respect as a Roma person, according to FRUA.

"Rromanipé" is what the Romani refer to as their worldview.

Language Though the groups of Roma are varied, they all do speak one language.

The Roma live by a complex set of rules that govern things such as cleanliness, purity, respect, honor and justice.

Each band is led by a voivode, whom the families elect for lifetime. A senior woman in the band, called a phuri dai, looks after the welfare of the group's women and children.

Smaller alliances, called vitsas, are formed within the bands and are made up of families who are brought together through common ancestry.

About 11 million people worldwide, according to the New York Times, and about a million in the United States, according to Time, belong to an ethnic group known as the Roma or Romani.

They are more commonly called Gypsies or travelers.

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