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Ugh Ive yet to visit a dog park because of this thing. We were going for a walk at the Alum Creek dam a few months ago when an off leash dog much larger than my Sheltie ran up to us and would NOT leave us alone.

As any other thing that is born on the Internet, online dating in the past few years has gone through its changes and through an interesting evolution.

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I go to the dog park a couple times a week and never had a problem. all while they were off at the OTHER side of the park.

People saw the dog and panicked, tried to rrain the dog, read the collar, etc.

They were pulling the owners over while on leash, snarling at each other, and intact males!

As well, you can adjust the privacy settings for your photos, so you can be sure that you save the steamiest photos of yourself for those members that you want to share them with.

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That happened to my friends dog We were at the DP and we saw this dog attack another dog. Im not sure if I would ever take a dog to a dog park. Some dog owners think that rules do not apply to them, I guess. I know the 2 yr old stage is coming, but my last intact male never did either, and he had many years to try.

such a big personality in a funny looking little package. The require altered normally, and they said he could stay (they have been watching him off and on since he was 4 months old) until he started showing negative behaviors, and he still has not. Mine passed away of bladder Nilwood cancer a little over a year ago, only years old. If that would happen with a larger, less friendly dog, Id hate to have seen what happened.

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