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It's also positive reinforcement, which is a good tool to get more good dates.

Show him (in person) when he makes you happy from the first date.

He needs to also do his part by adding his deposit of love into this box.

Times will come, moments, arguments and you will want to look into that box of love bombs and take out a few as reminders of how you and your hubby during times of trial.

Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine told Jessica Simpson he was “really busy” and “needed space” in a text message.

Our counselor has been married over 40 years and we trusted he would help us out a bit.

Because when you’re texting with him, you’ve always got enough time to think about what you want to say.

And when you have this list of 15 super sexy texts to send him, you’ll never have your mind go blank trying to think of a text again (or worry you say – as long as you’re turned on (and thinking about having a super-hot makeout with him, plus a whole lot more…) That’s because he’s not waiting to hear magic words from you, or judging you on what you say – all he wants to know is that you’re turned on and thinking of him. That’s 100% of what’s going to make him feel turned on.

If there is something that you really want to find out, call or ask in person at the right time. Let's say a guy invites you to a party but doesn't send the address.

He will respect you more if you make other plans than if you harrass him for the location.4. It's Friday night and you want to know if he is on another date with someone else. Do not return text messages immediately, especially if you want to encourage the guy to call. Are you guilty of breaking any of these texting rules?

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