Tim hot girl chat Cam at house

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The next morning, Tim arrived at the house unannounced to surprise the girls who had just woken and were mingling in the kitchen in their PJ's and onesies.He wanted to cook them a hot breakfast, and wondered who was the most comfortable in their own skin sans make-up 'au naturel' .At nights' end, he thanked the girls for a great day and handed an envelope over which was a one on one date invitation and Natalie was selected.One-on-one date: Tim and Natalie went rock climbing in the Blue Mountains.Original airdate: 16 October 2013 Group date: All the girls were flown interstate from Sydney to Broome, Western Australia.From Perth, the capital of Western Australia, Broome is 2229 km (1385 miles.) They flew by private plane to the Crown Jewel of the Broome Coast, to Eco Beach a beautiful and rugged part of the Kimberley region of north Western Australia.

Rose ceremony: Debra, Erin, Jody, Jolene and Nikki are eliminated.Towards the end of the dinner, Tim took Laura out to the rotunda in the garden in hope of getting to know her better, but there was no spark and she again, didn't open up.After escorting her back and bringing Rochelle outside, Rochelle had an open heart discussion with Tim. Tim then surprised Rochelle with a gift of diamond stud earrings and a rose. Original airdate: 2 October 2013 Group date: All of the remaining 12 girls were invited on a farm day at Calmsley Hill Farm at Abbotsbury, 40 km west of Sydney.Later in the day, they all jumped into the sea for a swim and Tim selected Katherine for a date back at his Pad and a home cooked meal of Lamb roast. Pure fantasy date: Tim had a double date with Laura and Rochelle.The girls were taken to Darling Hotel overlooking Sydney Harbour where they got dressed up in evening gowns and awaited Tim who took them to a jewelry store wherein they were given the run of the store and were lent a piece of their choice for the evening. The next venue was Curzon Hall for a romantic dinner but the atmosphere was awkward.

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