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The experience elicited an emotional response that she subsequently never forgot.(", T'Pol's position, as of 2151, was stated to be "a science attache with the Vulcan contingent headquartered in San Francisco." A subsequent comment pointed out, "Although she's been living amongst Humans for several months, she is cautious and guarded around them." After Earth accidentally made first contact with the Klingon courier Klaang in April 2151, T'Pol was reassigned to the Earth Starfleet vessel Enterprise, with the rank of sub-commander., Hiddleston addressed a fan's question about his high-profile relationship with Taylor Swift that has dominated headlines this summer.Here's what the Emmy-nominated actor had to say: "We all live in a world where every phone has a camera and there's nothing new, really, about the spotlight on me.She resided in the Vulcan Compound in Sausalito, where she formed a strong working relationship with Soval.Like him, she believed that Humans were too "volatile" and "provincial" to leave their solar system.(") She and her team were exposed to a powerful hallucinogenic toxin from the local plant life and consequently began to experience severe paranoia.Taking refuge from a powerful storm, she maintained much of her composure as her Human companions became lost in delusion.

Overhearing "unusual, chaotic" jazz music piqued her curiosity, so she entered the Fusion night club, where the music was being performed, and listened to the saxophonist there.

That's what I would say." "I literally just joined Instagram a week ago and it's been fun so far." To which we say, post more pics please! (Around is when the Swift question happens.) in 2011. I feel like it's an expression of mutual admiration.

") She was also told about family secrets not recorded by her second foremother, T'Mir – who had been an officer in the Vulcan High Command – regarding a duration in which T'Mir had stayed in Carbon Creek, Pennsylvania, after her ship crash landed nearby in 1957.

With Archer and Tucker, T'Pol was able to trick the Ferengi into leaving Enterprise, but not before they returned materials stolen from the ship.

(") As Enterprise continued to explore space, the Vulcan High Command assigned at least one vessel to monitor the ship's activities.

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