Updating squads in fifa 09

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scozza - you need to have your PS connected to the internet and be signed in to PSN. PS3 has been at least a week behind the XBOX360 with DLC. He's an 83 now and I swear he was an 85 or 86 before.once you boot up FIFA, it will automatically start to download... this is not EA's fault, but more to do with the process at sony. Maybe I had messed with his attributes on my previous squad file...

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Its lots of option files ordered together like the pc version but on this one, you will need to import the competitions then teams after.The new FIFA 17 update looks to be quite small in size, bringing with it a short list of changes to mull over.The new patch weighs in at around 430MB on PS4 and 769MB on Xbox One and appears to be focused on a handful of problems in FIFA Ultimate Team.This includes: These patch notes come directly from the Play Station 4 and so therefore might not reflect the full changes that have been made to the game.However, fans on PC are reporting that far larger things have changed in the game since the update was rolled out, making big gameplay tweaks.

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