Who is chris brochu dating

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In New Zealand the series premiered on April 27, 2009 on Disney Channel and on August 15, 2010 on TV2.

The series started airing on May 22, 2009 on Disney Channel (India), on September 5, 2009 on Disney Channel (Europe, Middle East and Africa), and on October 17, 2009 on Disney Channel (Southeast Asia).

Like most of Disney Channel's sitcoms, it is shot on tape but uses a "filmized" appearance.

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In the season two episode "The Legend of Candy Face", the cast of So Random!

In New Zealand it premiered on May 10, 2010 on Disney Channel.

In Australia it started on the same date on Disney Channel and on February 12, 2011 on Seven Network.

The name is a play on the words "Sunny with a chance of rain", as heard in weather forecasts, reflecting the many comical situations in which the cast find themselves in each episode.

Originally Lovato auditioned with Bridgit Mendler for the role, but Lovato was chosen.

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