Yamapi dating french girl interoffice dating statistics

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She is known to drink until she gets smashed and is often out with the Akanishi-Troop drinking in Roppongi or Nishi-Asabu.

Apparently, at first she was aiming to get with Yamapi, not Jin.

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Her agency doesn’t have a tight hold on her private life.

It seems that he has broken up with rumoured girlfriend Kitagawa Keiko for more than a year already. "It looked like a fun double date with two white girls and another good-looking Japanese guy. From what I overheard of their conversations, it was in English.

I thought 'Yamashita-kun can speak English~,' it surprised me." (A customer)Yamapi's date was wearing a down jacket with black fur and she was slim with long legs."When we were entering the restaurant, they were hugging at the entrance.

Source: [email protected] Lemme just cover all the bases before this post even starts: MEISA'S A SLUT - OMG SLUT SHAMING - JIN'S A WHORE - DOUBLE STANDARDS - ONII-SAMA DIDN'T MEAN IT (with bonus continuation of ~African-American accent wank~) - JIN IS BETTER THAN YAMAPI - ONLY IF YOU'RE BLIND - DEAD FISH EYES. I would take Itou Hideaki over any of the mentioned men any day.

Though when Yamapi (pfffft) and Jin (blech) are involved the story sounds that much juicier.

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