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I found that when Turkey got it’s independence in 1923 they changed the name to Istanbul which was what they (the Turks) had always called it.The rest of the world and Zildjian continued to use Constantinople until early 1930 when by law everything made in Istanbul had to say Made In Istanbul and the rest of the world followed suit when the Turkish Post Office would no longer deliver mail addressed to Constantinople.Before the Swish and Trash cymbals, there was the imported cymbals of China.Made from the same bronze formula as Turkish cymbals (B20), the Chinese used a completely different method to produce their cymbals.There is some argumentation about when the K Zildjian cymbals begin to be stamped with “Istanbul” and it is likely that many consumers wanted cymbals from Constantinople long after the city had changed its name.

Ride size ranged up to 30 inch and 16 inch Hihats are known from this era. In the fifties and later little inkstamps on odd shaped models say SWISH, PANG or FLANGED HI-HATS, MEDIUM RIDE etc. This is also known as the 'pre-ink' period, so before mid 1970s when Zildjian started the silkscreen ink stamps on the bottom with the open ink-stamp logo.He took a suggestion from Jo Jones, drummer for Count Basie, and mounted cymbals on a pole creating the “hi-hat.” Another idea from Gene Kruppa, drummer for Benny Goodman, led to a big cymbal with a lot of ping called a “ride.” (Wall Street Journal, 5/31/96, p.B1) Other identifying features Other cymbal identifiers may be lost over time, such as stickers, ink labels, grease pencil writing, and signatures under the bell.Click here to see a timeline of K Constantinople cymbals .Constantinople was re-named Istanbul by the Government of Turkey in 1930.

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